Crawler Drive Assemblies

We fabricate crawler drive assemblies (Cat Drives) retrofitted for use on certain underground industrial mining machinery. 


There are several benefits associated with equipping underground mining equipment with crawlers. Cat Drives have positive traction and a variety of ground clearance options. Underground mining equipment fitted with crawlers is less likely to spin or get hung up in less than ideal bottom conditions.  Our Crawler Drive Assemblies carry a standard 180 day warranty.

Cat Drive Retrofits can be used on the following underground mining equipment:

Roof Ranger II Roof Bolters (RRII)

Dual Drill Rib Roof Bolters (DDR)

Walk Thru Dual Drill Rib Roof Bolters (HDDR)

Mobile Roof Supports (MRS)


Features of our Crawler (Cat) Drive Assemblies:

New T-l cat boxes

New gearing

New bearings 

New seals

New crawler chains


A variety of brands of cat chains with varying cleat styles are available to choose from.

The standard options for length are as follows, but the length can be customized to meet the customer’s specific needs. 

Long ~ 56 cat pads per chain 

Short ~ 43 cat pads per chain

The cat frames can be set up to either be welded onto the chassis or bolted on. The final chassis height is specified by the customer.

A variety of cleat designs on the crawler chains is available for the Crawler (Cat) Drive Assemblies. Additionally, the length can be customized. 

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